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Chestatee Regional Library System-01Chestatee Regional Library System was established in 1953 as a two-county regional system serving Hall and Lumpkin Counties. Dawson County joined the regional system in July 1994. Hall County withdrew in July 1997, leaving a service area of two counties, Dawson (211 sq. mi.) and Lumpkin (284 sq. mi.).

Chestatee is from a Cherokee word meaning “place of the lights.” It refers to the practice of hunting deer at night. The area along the Chestatee River was popular hunting ground, and the hunters carried torches made of pine splints, which, reflected in the river, made an impressive array of lights.

Our libraries continue to grow and excel, providing the residents of Dawson and Lumpkin Counties with quality opportunities to free access of information and entertainment. Our employees are here to help you locate anything you might want or need, and we take pride and joy in making sure you are happy with the services provided.

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