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The Dawson County Library’s Genealogy and Georgia History collection is located in the Fannie Raegan Room. The room was named after, Fannie Hardin Reagan, who was the librarian for the Dawson County Library from 1970 to 2003.
The collection is primarily regional in scope. The majority of resources concentrate on Dawson County, its predecessor counties pre-dating 1858, and ethnic and regional materials that provide background information related to early settlers.

Rebekah Wilson
Rebekah Slaton Wilson

The collection also consists of Rebekah Slaton Wilson genealogy and history work. Rebekah Slaton Wilson was a teacher for the Dawson County School System for many years as well as a local historian and genealogist. Born and raised in Dawson County, Rebekah was dedicated to the historical research of the county. The Wilson collection consists of paper and microfilm format. The remaining family files collection consists of genealogy work that was donated by other families. The files are alphabetized by the family’s surname and are located in the Family File cabinets.
The Dawson County Library’s Genealogy collection also has maps, microfilm, genealogy books, periodicals, and newspapers. If you need any help with the collection or help researching your family history, feel free to contact the Information Specialist Carrie Ann Hunt at 706-344-3690 ext. 2026 or

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