If you are trying to find ways to pass the time while trying to stay at home, check out a Great Course. For those unfamiliar with the Great Courses, they are a series of DVDs and audiobooks with accompanying print materials that present college level material in an approachable and engaging way.  Lumpkin County has a special collection of the “Great Courses” which does just that. Some of the highest-rated professors in the United States have been enlisted to present information on various subjects, including business, fine art, social sciences, health, and religion.  Just a few of the courses that we have available for check out are: Music and the Brain, The Science of Natural healing, and Strategic Thinking Skills. The nice thing about the Great Courses is that you get to enjoy a great college level class, but there are no tests (or homework), and best of all—no tuition!  For more information about the Great Courses, please call the library at 706-864-3668.