Overview of Collection

Repository:  Chestatee Regional Library System, Lumpkin County Library, 342 Courthouse Hill, Dahlonega, GA  30533

Title:  Lorenzo Dow Davis collection

Date:  1832 to 1893

Abstract:  The Lorenzo Dow Davis collection contains documents formerly belonging to the Lorenzo Dow Davis family, dating from 1832 to 1893.  The papers include promissory notes, receipts and bills, gold bullion deposits at the U.S. Branch Mint in Dahlonega, guardian papers, court ordered seizures, powers of attorney in land lot sales.  Also included are correspondence, rifle permits, original deeds from the 1832 land lottery, obligation papers from prospectors who went to California, a letter from IT (Indian Territory), and hand-drawn weaving patterns by
Susan Davis.

Historical Sketch

Lorenzo Dow Davis was the fifth child of Daniel and Rachel Martin Davis who were settlers in the Cherokee Nation of Georgia.  Rachel was from a prominent Cherokee family in Virginia, and she and Daniel were married in 1808 in South Carolina.
In 1819 Daniel filed for a 640 acre plantation in the Cherokee Nation of Georgia with the Federal government.  Later the State of Georgia forced him to relinquish his claim or be forcibly removed.  Much later Daniel was able to purchase back the bulk of his land.
Lorenzo Dow Davis married Susan Miller of South Carolina in 1845, and they had nine children.  Lorenzo became a prominent mill owner and gold mine investor.  He was an educated man and served Lumpkin County in several elected and appointed capacities.  Susan was also educated and taught many children in her home before schools were available.
Lorenzo died of pneumonia in 1862 while serving in the Civil War.  Susan died in 1890 at the age of 65.

Scope and Content Note

This collection was donation to the Lumpkin County Library by Douglas and Barbara Abee Saxton.  They had obtained it from Minnie Belle Patton who purchased it at a yard sale in Lumpkin County.
The date range is from 1832 to 1893.  Deeds are arranged according to date and also contain Land Lot numbers (LL#) and names.
The papers include promissory notes, receipts and bills, gold bullion deposits at the U.S. Branch Mint in Dahlonega, guardian papers, court ordered seizures, powers of attorney in land lot sales.  Also included are correspondence, rifle permits, original deeds from the 1832 land lottery, obligation papers from prospectors who went to California, a letter from IT (Indian Territory), and hand-drawn weaving patterns by Susan Davis.

Arrangement of the Collection

Arranged by subject.

Topics Covered

Promissory Notes
Gold bullion deposit
Miscellaneous receipts, bills, and ledgers
Land Lottery Deeds
Weaving Patterns

Administrative Information

Processing Information:

Douglas and Barbara Abee Saxton donated the Lorenzo Dow Davis collection to the Chestatee Regional Library System in 2012.  They had obtained it from Minnie Belle Patton who purchased it at a yard sale in Lumpkin County.

Container List

Lorenzo Dow Davis Collection  
The collection consists of one series with 3 boxes having 45, 42 and 20 files respectively.

Series I; Box 1 

File No. Description
1Promissory note from Job Arrowood and J. W. Walker;  Receipt from W. C.Perry
2Promissory notes from A. I. Keller, William Wayne and Pinkney Howell
3Promissory notes from Alfred Harris, Lewis Clark, L. D. Davis, Marvin Bell and M. Dowdy
4Promissory notes from Boling W. Fields, James B. Fain, Joseph B.Hatfield and A. M. Russell
5Promissory notes from James Bosclair, J. M. Fitzgearlde, Wiley Ray and Hiram Williams
6Promissory notes from Ransom Cain and Henry Sheldon
7Promissory notes from H. C Chattin, Benjamin Hamilton, Henry Medford and L. D. Davis
8Promissory notes from E. P. Collins, Edmond Foldings, Lewis Fricks and John Wills
9Promissory notes from John B. Fitz, E. W. Colas, Hiram Williams, James Kilgo and A. Duncan
10Promissory notes from John Fricks, R. H. Campbell, William Edwards and T. J. Parks
11Promissory notes from Wade L. Yarbrough and George Quillian
12Promissory notes from James McElrath, Abner Carder, C. J. Davis and E. P. Collins
13Promissory notes from Henry Rider, Robert Chamberland, Franklin Capps and William Huff
14Promissory notes from William Kinzey, William Woodward and F. Killian
15Promissory notes from E. P. Collins, John Cochran and H. C. Chattin
16Promissory notes from William Anderson, J. J. Findley; Receipt from L. D. Davis for coffin of Mrs. Free
17Gold bullion deposit at Branch Mint of US at Dahlonega by L. D. Davis; Treasury Dept. audit of J. C. Davis
18Various receipts and bills [1864 – 1893]
19Notice to John C. Early; Court costs of H. W. Riley vs John Jordan; Court costs of L. D. Davis vs Elias Turner
20Debt settlement of John Walker vs James Bolling -1847; Debt settlement of J. J. Finley vs H. C. Chattin – 1857
21Debt settlement of J. Lingerfelt and J. Gaddis vs N. Huland – 1848; Debt settlement of unknown details
22Bills for lumber from John Donaldson for Masonic Lodge and Presbyterian Church – 1847
23Ledgers, Orders and Receipts – miscellaneous
25Tax Receipts of Lorenzo Davis 1847-1861
26Receipts for Daniel Davis and James R. Thomas
27Receipts for M.P. Quillin and Daniel P. Monroe
28Miscellanous bills and receipts
29Miscellaneous receipts 1846-1848
30Miscellaneous receipts 1850-1858
31Miscellaneous receipts 1860-1877
32Guardianship papers to L. D. Davis for orphans of Robert A. Chattin
33Asa B Woods rights to EE Davis 1847; LD Davis vs J Gaddis 1859; M Larman vs LD Davis 1848; EE Davis vs H Barton 1848
34JG Cowen vs CJ Davis 1851; D Lingerfelt court costs vs AC Adams 1850; A Morrison court costs vs AC Adams 1850; RB Lewis vs H Medford & J Cowan 1848
35E Thompson bond to JC Davis for work in CA gold mine 1851; JR Thomas vs JC Early 1858
36JJ Morrison & RL Jones to E Turner 1854; LD Davis bond to W Edwards for LL 430-12-1 1858
37State vs CJ Davis 1855; Clay Creek water rights from LD Davis to MH Vandyke & T Clingman 1856; DE Evans rights to D. Davis 1876; W Boyd receipt for E Barnes note 1854
38W Early vs H Shelton 1857; LD Davis vs JJ McDuncan 1849; JA Collins guardian for JS Yarborough; JW Walker vs JW Boling 1853
39LD Davis vs E Turner foreclosure on LL 205-6-1 and 566-4-1; JH Worley & S Willhoite vs W Martin, M Young & H Medford 1849
40Missing from box
41Receipts of Susan Davis 1866-1889
42Receipts of Susan Davis 1872, 1875, 1877; Note by W Boyd; Superior Court forced ejection case 1873; Agreement between S Davis & AK Walker 1894
43AK Walker promissory note to S Davis 1893; To S Davis from CP Culver 1874; Receipt to S Davis from JE ? 1876; Land lots drawn by S Davis
44Bill for sale of Elias Turner’s property; Notice to S Davis administratrix of LD Davis estate
45Agreements between S Davis & J L Stover; E Davis & H Childers

Series I; Box 2

File No.Description
1Land Lottery Deed 1832: LL 602-5-1 to Anderson E. Moore
2Land Lottery Deed 1832: LL 551-12-1 to Benajah A. Moye
3Land Lottery Deed 1832: LL 685-12-1 to Levi Teasley
4LL 602-5-1 Anderson E Moore to John Turner 1835; John Turner to Elias Turner 1835
5LL 685-12-1 William Horton [Guardian of Levi Teasley] to Daniel Davis 1835
6LL 378-4-1 Dr. Bass to Benjamin Stowers 1837
7LL 378-4-1 Benjamin Stowers to William Taylor 1837
8LL 615-12-1 Joseph J Deal to F D Boartfield 1837
9LL 205-6-1 Samuel Warden to Elias Turner 1837
10LL 294-12-1 William C. Dawson to Martin Davis 1837
11LL 974-5-1 George W Chamblee to Elias Turner 1836
12LL 906-5-1 Michael L Schockley to William Burt 1838
13LL 906-5-1 William Burt to Elias Turner 1838
14LL 430-12-1 William Woods, sheriff to Edly H Collins 1839
15LL 315-4-1, 378-4-1 & 639-5-1 William Hollingsworth to Elias Turner 1840
16LL 647-12-1 Robert H Sledge to Shirley Sledge 1841
17LL 647-12-1 Benjamin Cleveland to Oliver Sewell 1842
18LL 685-12-1, 688-12-1 Daniel Davis to D. Davis & Coleman Davis 1845
19LL 755-12-1 Charles Garner to LD Davis 1847
20LL 615-12-1 WW Kilpatrick to LD Davis 1847
21LL 647-12-1 William B Brewster to Robert H Sledge 1848
22LL 508-12-1 Joseph S Ragsdale to Lorenzo D Davis 1848
23LL 616-12-1 Henry B Cabaniss to John D Hyde 1849
24LL 614-12-1 James Dees to William S Grogan 1849
25LL 615-12-1, 616-12-1 & 617-12-1 GM McGuire to Marlin M Bell 1852
26LL 614-12-1 William S Grogan to Lorenzo D Davis 1852
27LL 551-12-1 BA Moye to Burket Atkinson 1853
28LL 646-12-1 James Bexley to Lorenzo D Davis 1853
29LL 616-12-1 John D Hyde to GM McGuire 1853
30LL 420-12-1 Alfred B Holt to Lorenzo D Davis 1854
31LL 612-12-1 Marlin Bell to LD Davis 1854
32LL 551-12-1 Ranson Cain to William G Drummonds 1855
33LL 574-12-1 Lorenzo D Davis to William C Crow 1857
34LL 30, 31, 37 & 38 John Huff to LD Davis 1857
35LL 719-12-1, 754-12-1, 753-12-1, 787-12-1, 788-12-1, 823-12-1, 857-12-1, 1019-12-1, 510-121 John C Early to Lorenzo D Davis 1858; amended 31 Dec 1869 by JC Parks
36LL 1182-12-1 John C Early to LD Davis 1860
37LL 294-12-1, 337-12-1, 364-12-1, 364-12-1, 408-12-1 & 269-12-1 John Davis to LD Davis 1861
38LL 294-12-1, 337-12-1, 364-12-1, 364-12-1, 408-12-1 & 269-12-1 John Davis & Julian Davis to LD Davis 1862
39LL 293-12-1 John M Barnes to Susan Davis 1870
40LL 718-12-1 Coleman J Davis to Daniel Davis 1875
41LL 1182-12-1, 718-12-1 Susan Davis to Daniel Davis 1876
42LL 685-12 -1 Daniel Davis to Susan Davis 1893

Series 1; Box 3

File No. Description
1LL 583-2-4 Power of Attorney to Elias Turner from Jonas Age 1833
2LL 964-5-1 Bond to Elias Turner from Henry Adams 1837
3LL 269-12-1 Power of Attorney to John Duffey to John Moore 1838
4LL 932-5-1 Power of Attorney to Elias Turner from John Cheatham 1844
5LL 11-12-1 Power of Attorney to Josiah Roberts from David O Sears 1853
6LL 294-12-1, 337-12-1, 364-12-1, 408-12-1 & 269-12-1 Power of Attorney to John Parker from John Davis & Julian Davis 1861
7Letters: To cousin from Mary; to Earl Davis from unknown 1900; to Davis & Bearden from JR Lawhon 1854; to LD Davis from CJ Davis 1857
8Sketch of some land lots; Lock of hair from unknown person
9Land lots drawn and sold
10Court transcript: Augustus Crawford vs William S Jackson 1847
11Tax receipts of Lorenzo D Davis and family, 1848-1885
12Witness subpoenas to LD Davis, 1852-1858
13Arrest warrant for Joseph W Boling 1853
14Administrator discharge of LD Davis for estate of WS Yarborough 1857
15Court summons and pay receipts for LD Davis 1859
16Taxable property list of Lorenzo D Davis 1859
17Rifle permit of Daniel Davis 1865
18LL 1182-12-1 [Boley Fields Mine] letter of deed possesion by WR Pierce
19LL 601-5-1 deed to Joshua R McCook 1835; Deed John Chambliss to Elias Turner 1835; Deed Augustus Crawford to Daniel Davis 1841; Stephen Bird obligation to LD Davis 1855
20Weaving Patterns

Collated by Sallie Sorohan; indexed by Manuel Carvalho.

This project was supported by funds from the Lumpkin County Historical Society.