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Are you interested in helping out at the library a few hours a week or month? Volunteering at the Chestatee Regional Library System connects you with the world of literacy, lifelong learning and your community. Rewarding opportunities exist at the Dawson and Lumpkin County Library. In all cases, excellent training is provided to ensure that your volunteer experience is both enjoyable and fruitful.

Volunteer Applications

PDF Application
Complete and print this application, then drop it off at your local library branch.

Thank you for considering your local library! We have several opportunities that may interest you:

Circulation Volunteer Aide

  • Photocopies library forms and replenishes forms where needed
  • Helps with filing, labeling, and other clerical tasks
  • Helps clean books
  • Helps staff maintain book stacks
  • Maintains magazines, newspapers, and incoming newsletters

Genealogy Volunteer Aide

  • Assists in the genealogy room
  • Assists with basic genealogy research by using some or all of the following for basic genealogy research: family file folders, Internet, genealogy books, microfilm, and CDs
  • May assist patrons with the computer and microfilm equipment (training available)
  • Helps with photocopying, filing, labeling, and other clerical tasks
  • Helps staff organize and maintain genealogy vertical file
  • Helps staff maintain genealogy book shelves

Information Volunteer Aide

  • Helps staff maintain vertical file
  • Assists staff by creating or maintaining databases (when needed)
  • Helps with photocopying, filing, labeling, and other clerical tasks

Youth Volunteer

  • Assists staff in the Children’s and Young Adult areas of the library with preparation of children’s programs
  • Assists in preparing crafts for story time and special programs
  • Makes photocopies, fold brochures and flyers
  • Shelves Children’s, Juvenile and Young Adult materials
  • Cleans children’s area, books and videos, and straighten shelves
  • Assists with decorating bulletin boards

Please note: Youth volunteers must be 12 years of age or older, complete a volunteer application, and have their parents sign a waiver of liability.
Stop by your closest library branch for an application.